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Gavin Fox is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

His music spans alternative folk, Americana and rock, with acoustic guitar at it’s heart. Each song tells a story. Some are personal. Some inspired by the stories of others. He has a unique sound. And, for those looking for more depth, there is meaning in every lyric.

"One of the most compelling new singer-songwriters on these shores...

Almost more akin to poetry than song-writing."

- Hot Press Magazine, Ireland

"There is something singularly compelling about Fox's voice when he relays his message,

an authority born of experience."

- Latin Post, USA

"Awakened is the kind of work that deserves to be heard and appreciated countless times,

so that we can feel the fullness of its sensational energy."

- Roadie Music Magazine, Brazil

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New Single 'Dreamers And Believers'

With a vintage rock and roll sound and a rebellious and provocative attitude, 'Dreamers And Believers' embodies an ethos of defiance, independence and a disregard for conventional norms.

This song is for the dreamers and believers. Those who not only dare to dream of a new world but are brave enough to play their part in making that dream become a reality.

Throughout history there have been people who have done just that. People like Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King. Leonardo Da Vinci. Galileo. Mahatma Gandhi. Marie Curie. Nelson Mandela. People we are now indebted to because without them, our world would be very different. What they had to say wasn’t always popular, but it was right. They were ridiculed and persecuted for their courageous convictions. It would have been far easier for them to swim with the tide but doing so would not have changed the world.

And these were not remarkable people. They were ordinary people doing remarkable things. Nobody gave them permission to do what they did, but somebody needed to show leadership and they stood up.

The world needs dreamers and believers. Life is short. It is up to each of us to make our contribution. And you don’t need permission. But, if you do, here it is.

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